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  • Main Street Round Rock Photoshoot

    Main Street Round Rock Photoshoot

    The other day my friend Chinyere and I went up to Round Rock, Texas. It’s a quaint town outside of Austin. Our goal was to take some photos with Chinyere’s Nikon D3200 camera at sunset. Eh, we just wanted to see what we could capture. However, we got there just after sunset. We snapped a few shots and my friend, Eliezer Gallegos, did the touch ups. Not to shabby. Chinyere and Eli are going to be…

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    Whiskey Wednesday

    Yesterday was Wednesday,”and on Wednesdays, we wear pink.” Just kidding! Here, in Austin, it was time for another Blues on the Green. Most of the day I thought I was going to go there. Then I got one of those darn Facebook messages!


    (Some of my best friends always Facebook message me, when I’m at work, instead of text. I don’t why, but apparently I only get half the texts or calls to my phone.…

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    Forgiveness and Peace


    Lately, I have been feeling disappointed by a lot of people. (Yes, I’m writing about feelings. Hold on, it gets better) I keep finding myself saying this person, and that person is flakey. I’ve never been great with expressing my emotions, especially disappointment. I was raised to just busy myself with something else and keep quiet.

    I remember back in college breaking up with my ex-boyfriend, of…

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    Salsa in 5 minutes
    Salsa in 5 minutes

    1 small can mild Rotel
    1 large can whole peeled tomatoes
    3 Serrano peppers
    1 lime

    Mhmm, I love salsa! This is my salsa in 5 minutes or maybe less recipe. I modified my award winning salsa (Ok, so…it was just a work competition, but it’s a corporation office) to a simple and quick for those busy days.

    First, boil a small pot of water. Once the water starts boiling, put the Serrano peppers in until the skin starts slightly to wrinkle. Drain and let cool. Once cooled chop the stems off.

    In your blender, place the can of Rotel, some cilantro (start with about a 1/4 cup then and more taste liking later), Serrano peppers, and the can of whole peeled tomatoes.

    First, set your blender to chop. This will give it a chunky texture. If you like your salsa runny, set the baby to liquefy!

    Last cut your lime into quarter wedges and squeeze in to taste .

    *you can other things in to your taste liking. Such as, garlic powder or a garlic clove.

    Simple, done, and delicious!

    We can find more recipes on my blog

    You can also find my blog on the following social media links:





    Disclaimer: all opinions are my own. I purchased everything with my own money. This is not a sponsored video. I do not own right to the music. Song credit: “San Antonio Girl” by Lyle Lovett


    Target Tuesdays: yesterday I participated in Target Tuesdays. Not realizing it at first though. I went into pick up a few things. First, more of this awesome renters wallpaper in turquoise with a gold Moroccan print. Next, to the beauty section for my face wash. I use Neutrogena naturals: purifying pore scrub. Also restocked on a bag of cotton balls. Then grab a replacement water filter for my Brita pitcher. Last, in the line, picked up a pre-paid gift card for my sister. Nothing to crazy on this Target Tuesday mostly restock on some essentials.

    Since there’s a beer bash today…song of the Day “Love” by Roger Creager

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