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  • Salsa in 5 minutes
    Salsa in 5 minutes

    1 small can mild Rotel
    1 large can whole peeled tomatoes
    3 Serrano peppers
    1 lime

    Mhmm, I love salsa! This is my salsa in 5 minutes or maybe less recipe. I modified my award winning salsa (Ok, so…it was just a work competition, but it’s a corporation office) to a simple and quick for those busy days.

    First, boil a small pot of water. Once the water starts boiling, put the Serrano peppers in until the skin starts slightly to wrinkle. Drain and let cool. Once cooled chop the stems off.

    In your blender, place the can of Rotel, some cilantro (start with about a 1/4 cup then and more taste liking later), Serrano peppers, and the can of whole peeled tomatoes.

    First, set your blender to chop. This will give it a chunky texture. If you like your salsa runny, set the baby to liquefy!

    Last cut your lime into quarter wedges and squeeze in to taste .

    *you can other things in to your taste liking. Such as, garlic powder or a garlic clove.

    Simple, done, and delicious!

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    Disclaimer: all opinions are my own. I purchased everything with my own money. This is not a sponsored video. I do not own right to the music. Song credit: “San Antonio Girl” by Lyle Lovett


    Target Tuesdays: yesterday I participated in Target Tuesdays. Not realizing it at first though. I went into pick up a few things. First, more of this awesome renters wallpaper in turquoise with a gold Moroccan print. Next, to the beauty section for my face wash. I use Neutrogena naturals: purifying pore scrub. Also restocked on a bag of cotton balls. Then grab a replacement water filter for my Brita pitcher. Last, in the line, picked up a pre-paid gift card for my sister. Nothing to crazy on this Target Tuesday mostly restock on some essentials.

    Since there’s a beer bash today…song of the Day “Love” by Roger Creager

    Song of the Day!
    “Sunshine and Whiskey” - Frankie Ballard

    Turkey Sliders with French Onion Quinoa Buns

    1/4 cup quinoa
    1/2 tablespoon dry Ranch French Onion dip seasoning
    1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
    1 large egg
    1 teaspoon milk
    Ground Turkey

    Yields: 2 sliders

    Quinoa French Onion Buns:
    *preheat oven to 350 degrees F
    -boil quinoa as directed on package
    -add in ranch French onion seasoning as water starts to boil
    -beat egg and milk in a separate bowl
    -when quinoa is finished boiling separate into 4 portions
    —about 1/4 cup each
    -shape quinoa portions into buns and dip in egg and milk mixture
    -grease baking sheet with extra virgin olive oil
    -then place on a baking sheet (I placed mine into mini bundt cake baking sheet)
    -let bake 15-20mins or until outside is golden and crispy
    - let cool the pop out

    Turkey Slider Patties:
    So for this you can sub a ground meat of your choice
    -while the quinoa buns are baking I take that time to shape and season my patties
    -place on the grill or skillet until fully cooked and done

    *my sliders I added:
    -slice of white cheddar cheese
    -fresh spinach and arugula
    -Parmesan Asiago balsamic vinaigrette dressing

    I haven’t written anything to y’all for a while. This past weekend was ladies weekend to celebrate two of my best friends birthday. Trish and Mariah! Crazy these two are both Cancers, or water signs complete opposite of me. (Aquarius, air)

    I met Trish as a freshman in college. She was my first friend I made in college. I was really shy and quietly and she defiantly was not. Then we were both bio majors looking to join a sorority. I transferred after my first year but we stayed close and she’s always been there to help my through some hard times my family and I were having.

    I met Mariah as a senior in high school and she was a freshman. Our high school boyfriends were in the same class and close friends. So when they would hangout together we’d hangout. She quickly became like a little sister. Later she lived with me her senior year of high school my junior year of college. Just like Trish she has became unexpected friend that has always been there and become part of my family.

    Back to ladies weekend!
    The plan was for me to get off work early in Austin, meet Mariah in San Antonio. Then we’d take a MegaBus to Houston and meet Trish and my friend Annie.

    Well, I got off work early and met Mariah in San Antonio. However, she was recovering from her actual birthday. So, change of plans. Started the afternoon off relaxing by the pool. Later we got our boots on and headed to Floores Country Store for an epic Gary Allen concert under the full moon!

    The alternative plan was for Mariah and I to meet at the bus in the morning. I made it to the bus, Mariah didn’t. Oh well! I promised Trish I’d make it up there. So I boarded the bus by myself. $13 dollars bus trip with a/c outlets and wifi vs. driving my truck $80 a tank…driving about 3 hours!

    I finally arrived in Houston just in time for a delicious brunch at Benjy’s followed by Happy Hour also at Benjy’s. We’re definitely getting older, we all took an hour or so power nap/girl talk time before getting ready to paint the town red…well in this case blue. Yes, blue! Trish loves her themed parties. This year everyone had to wear blue, not just any color blue, patriotic blue!

    Proof Rooftop Lounge with VIP bottle service for Trish! Crazy thing happened, Mariah finally made it to Houston. My two crazies together for their birthdays! Great night of dancing, followed by munchies at some taco place.

    We got back to Trish’a place with just enough time for me to shower, and take an hour power nap. Then back to the bus to catch my 7:15am take off. The only problem, it was running just about an hour behind. Two and a half hour power nap on the ride back. (Power naps were my saving grace) Making it back to San Antonio just in time to attend a Thai Holiday small festival.

    "Every storm runs, runs out of rain
    Just like every dark night turns” “No, life aint always beautiful
    Tears will fall sometimes
    Life aint always beautiful
    But it’s a beautiful ride” Sometimes I can’t stand some of my friends but I am so thankful for moments like this and them holding me up through some of the terrible throes life has handed me and celebrating the best.

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